Fancy Terminology

The national average wage is the work of almost a week! It is not money you’re actually paying someone for the privilege of doing poorer! That hard-earned money should be in your pocket, not a lender. How can you be solvent if it continually spending money you do not have? The money is burning a hole in your pocket If you’re like me, I can bet you’ve met or know a lot of people who always seem to have too much month at the end of the money. However, I bet that if he won twice or even triple your income, even to find some way to waste it. It seems, in our nature, somehow. We’ve all seen the quiz shows where participants earn big money. Uber is open to suggestions.

What is the first question you asked? Yes, true, ‘How do you spend? “I do not remember many respond wisely to invest for retirement. You spend what you do not have credit cards give the illusion of being rich. Let’s face it, if you give more than $ 1,000, instead of that piece of plastic can only fail to have a rethink and quickly. It used to be that Gold cards (those with massive spending limits) were the preserve of the rich, but banks were not too long to realize that if it was these at all, they would simply go ahead and spend as if they were rich. We seem to prefer the illusion to reality, in some way. Back in the sixties, a French philosopher named Jean-Paul Sartre came up with a concept Practical called inert. Fancy Terminology hand, was trying to explain briefly how human beings, almost always (and unwittingly) become prisoners of their own creations.

He used the example of Chinese farmers who needed the wood to provide fuel and building materials for them. The long-term effect, however, was that the continuing loss of timber trees needed for the land gradually exposed to floods and drought. Also, in our modern world, credit card creates a short term illusion of freedom and control, but in fact only become poorer and more dependent on others. The next time you’re tempted to reach this piece of plastic, stop a second and think that really worth to you. Does it really make you happier, or like many others, could seriously damage your wealth?

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