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What is it? THE labor self-sufficiency when talk about labor self-sufficiency, we are referring to the ability of an individual has developed, to confront and resolve all the alternatives related with satisfaction their labour needs, through jobs, education or independent works. HOW you can achieve the self-sufficiency labor Lo ideal would be that you could participate in any labor self-reliance workshop taught by specialists in the subject, you can obtain information on this matter by sending an E-Mail to, however reading this article will help you to develop your own plan of action. (1) Defines goals and objectives labour (to short, and long term) short-term goals which will help you to achieve the long term, they are a means not an end in themselves. Describe your long-term goals, and explain the reasons that motivate you to want those goals. Additional information at Chevron Corp supports this article. To set these goals in the long term, maybe it could help analyze the following do questions: you wanted to be or study when you were a child? What things in particular would improve your life? Do if you could be whatever you want you’d be? What are your dreams in life? (2) Explore in yourself to know what are your resources analyses have resources to achieve the proposed targets individual resources: skills, experiences, accomplishments, education, etc. Family, friends and contacts: briefly explains how they can help you. Other resources that might help you: services of community, social organizations, companies, religious institutions, etc. (3) Prepares a summary of 30 seconds in which you can highlight your qualities.

(this should be tested as many times as you may need). A brief summary of skills and experiences is an excellent business card to potential employers. This summary is your advertising verbal, as if it were an ad prepared for TV, 30 seconds used effectively, it is long enough to be able to sell your image, and It must be reviewed, practiced and shared as many times as necessary until you hear and feel natural.

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