Exhibition Interpreter

Experience shows that the Chinese translators are often not only can not convey even a sense of what was said, but simply do not understand the basic combinations of words. Believe me, Negotiations with the knowledge of "Plivet I Misha I Gavalov in lusski is unlikely to go well. In the end, you just spend your time and money because they pay even for such low-quality services you still have. Of course, there exceptions – have Chinese interpreters who brilliantly speak Russian, have linguistic education and experience in translation from Chinese to Russian, but these, unfortunately, not so much. In southern China to be sufficiently small. In everyday life abroad, when you want to order dinner, go shopping, stroll along the city's attractions, many can do without an interpreter, there is sufficient knowledge of a pair of expressions or phrase.

You will not be lucky if the waiter or seller of the store refuses to understand you as if you did not try to read correctly awkward letters phrasebook. This happens when the locals can not even imagine that a foreigner can speak Chinese. If we are talking about talks, exhibition, technical translation, which requires an understanding of detail, can handle only professional specialists. Competent interpreter is not just translates talks with Chinese, Russian and vice versa, it is a bridge between two different cultures, creates an atmosphere of partnership and mutual understanding. Work competent translator increases the chances of a successful completion of negotiations with a Chinese manufacturer and the establishment of a long partnership. After all, the translator not only translates but also makes your face in the negotiation process, thus strengthens the position of your hand in dialogue with the Chinese supplier. Let me give some advice on preparing for a business trip to China: – find a Russian interpreter with the Chinese in advance, it is desirable to find interpreters in Russian companies of China, so how companies value their reputation and provide translators with experience in negotiations with various manufacturers of China, experience with various products of China, with a broad outlook and ability to explain incomprehensible to them the details (this is quite natural, as all know is not given to anyone) – the dates and hours of work of an interpreter – the interpreter to inform the format of the meeting (talks in the Chinese factory, Exhibition in China, a business dinner, the signing of a contract with Chinese supplier) – to identify the subject of negotiations, prepare a list of terms to convey his translator (translator so get ready for your topics). I wish you a successful trip to China. This is a country of mystery, which is sometimes difficult to unravel, but very interesting.

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