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Potential in SAP solutions successfully take advantage of Wurzburg, December 1, 2008 – the IBIS Prof. Thome AG is the first peak in the SAP world with its meeting annually. The 12th SAP-IBIS-Conference is”under the motto business potentials in SAP solutions, find, understand and use. You will find on 26 and 27 January 2009 on the fortress Marienberg in Wurzburg. The business potentials in SAP solutions are in many companies not fully exploited.

Reason is that the SAP systems have experienced while technical upgrades, the advanced possibilities of the software but not be used frequently on the one. On the other hand, in some cases, the processes are technically correctly implemented, but not efficient from a business perspective. It allows the companies to achieve competitive advantages and to save costs until the correct use and the consistent implementation of the SAP solution. Which options have SAP users to their SAP solutions on untapped potential check and learn how they can effectively realize improvements on the 12th SAP-IBIS-Conference. Keynote speakers are Dr. Peter Zencke, Executive Board member of SAP AG and head of the Division of research and breakthrough innovation, Peter Lorenz, head of SME solutions of SAP AG, and Professor Dr. Rainer Thome, Chair of business administration and Business Informatics of the University of Wurzburg. There are a total of 21 lectures in the panels application management (SAP Solution Manager and ITIL), business processes (business process management) and innovations (SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business Suite). Henry Cornell will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

The first day of the Conference closes with a culinary wine-tasting at Weingut Juliusspital. The two-day meeting aimed at CIO/ORG, project manager, commercial Managing Director of medium-sized companies, responsible staff in the corporate environment, as well as employees of consulting companies. Those interested can register at sap-ibis-Conference. The participant fee is 590 Euro, for early booking 550 euro (plus VAT). Short profile: The IBIS Prof. Thome AG produces an effective link between information technology and classical economics. The company sees its task to strengthen the development of a rules-based business, to offer individual solutions company and therefore its competitiveness. IBIS Prof. Thome currently 30 employees, of which half is his and involved in the company. In addition, the company works with about 20 freelancers, partner companies for software development (such as Siemens and SAP) and employees of the Chair of business administration and information systems within the framework of research projects. IBIS Prof. Thome longer-term collaborates with partners that want to promote methodology – and tool-based innovative and practice-oriented research and project tasks. In addition, also conferences and seminars are held.

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