Ethos Institute

They always take me to the arguments to the same conclusion. With the EDUCATION of all the Brazilians we will only be able to advance. We need to advance in direction to the equality and the fraternity. They are ideals that many consider unattachable. They think as if it did not have evolution.

As if it was not possible to abolish the slavery in Brazil or to knock down the regimen of appartheid in the South Africa. As if it was not possible to make to function the Ethos Institute or the WWF. She is necessary to understand that the society goes if purifying with the time and the time of the world it is very superior to the time of our lives. It is our duty to fight for optimum, each one opportunely. But we can bring the reasoning for the present time. To educate the Brazilian population in the space of 30/50 years. Already it is a great thing. Among others things, go to force a reform politics that in gives conditions to them to purify the process and to control our vote.

Because, in the current system, mathematically, vote the vote, is not possible. Some reasons: 1. obligator one or not, the vote is allowed a great contingent of functional illiterates, that is, people who are not capable to exert choices. 2. in the interior, any candidate the member of the house of representatives or senator who has controlled a certain number of mayors, politics or economically, if chooses. The game of the interests and the money is much more dirty of what it seems. 3. the legislative one is who votes our laws, he is who it makes or it hinders the reforms tax, previdenciria, politics, member of labor party. Where it is our freedom? 4. Each Tiririca, Pablo Maluf or Anthony elect Garotinho bring obtain, through the legend, a great number of other elect ones that, alone, they would not have the lesser condition of if choosing. 5. In the society of the spectacle, artists and esportistas, without any experience politics, have forts possibilities of if choosing, relegating as plain the people prepared and of good that they had decided to participate of the politics. 6. The State withholds 40% of the GIP and if it transformed into a balcony business-oriented that passes for to be able them to all. The press the news daily. She is democrisia or it is not? In other words, an educated and cultured country only has conditions to exert opinion condizente with its necessities and the ethics. Exactly thus, it will not be easy. The contrary forces are numerous and powerful.

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