Elementary Algebra

Elementary algebra is the most basic form of algebra. Unlike the Arithmetic where the numbers and their arithmetical operations are only used (like +, -, , ), in algebra the numbers are represented by symbols (usually to, b, c, x, and, z). This is useful because: * B allows the general formulation of laws of Arithmetic (like a + = b + a). * ” allows to talk about to numbers; desconocidos” , to formulate equations. and the study of how solving them. * It allows the formulation of functional relations. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Restaurant Michael Schwartz. As they are the symbols that but are used in algebra? + Besides expressing addition, also express binary operations. express c or k constant terms.

to, b, c is used to express well-known amounts. x, and, z. It is used to express mysteries. express n any I number. a1, a2, a3 Expresa subindices. That it is an algebraic expression? It is a chain of characters pertaining to the algebraic language that it can to contain numbers, mathematical variables or operations. Example: x + 3, y 2 + 2x – 3, That it is an equation? An equation is the assertion of which two expressions are equal.

Example: , x 2 – 1 = 4 That it is a polynomial? It is an algebraic expression that contains one or but terms. according to I number of terms is classified in: # Monomial: It is an algebraic expression that contains a single term # Binomial: It is an algebraic expression that contains two terms # Trinomio: It is an algebraic expression that contains three terms That it is and As they are the used signs of relation in algebra? They are those that Indicate the relation that there is between two expressions. The relation signs are: * Minor who: * Equal a: = As they are the used signs of grouping in algebra? The grouping signs are used to change the order of the operations. The operations indicated within them must be realised first. The grouping signs are: * The parenthesis: () * The hook: * The key: All these definitions that I finish giving to you, surely serviran to you very enormously to have a vision than it is algebra and her main components or variables whereupon it works, if you wish to know this and other subjects thoroughly but.

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