Electronic Books And Self Publishing As An Opportunity For Independent Authors

“The literature Portal takes stock after the Leipzig book fair 2011 Hamburg, 29.03.2011 2011 we are seeing nothing of the E-books the hour”, as the Chief Executive of the Booksellers Association of the German book trade Alexander ski Puppis at a press conference to present the E-book study of the Booksellers Association. The development of the E-book market and the digitization of the book industry were priority issues, which deal with the industry on this year’s book fair in Leipzig. The literature Portal sees as a result of talks in Leipzig in the development for independent young writers a good opportunity and chance to publish their books without publishers as E-book and sell. The author contacts show that there is lack of information about self publishing: successful self publishing is linked to personal initiative and commitment for authors. For triboox, the Leipzig book fair brought the certainty that digital offers for authors have an increasing importance. Just as you could at the trade fair visitors as authors “watching an increasing acceptance of these offers: Eighty percent of the visitors of our stand could imagine how triboox to realize their book project in a self publishing provider,” says triboox managing director Karl-Friedrich Pommerenke. Overall, 84 meetings were held by the triboox team in Leipzig.

“Prime example for young independent writers, that without the involvement of the traditional” Publishing House are very successful, the American writer Amanda Hocking, who already earned millions in the United States with their E-books. Success in the literature cannot be planned, Hocking writes in her blog. Nobody knows exactly how a book becomes a bestseller. A success story like that of Amanda Hocking is rare. Authors should not expect that Mrs Hocking’s success without their active involvement as repeats itself, when they publish an E-book self-publishing. The example also shows that it is possible, if the author tackles a topical issue and attracts the right audience,”says triboox – Managing Director Charles Frederick Palmer.

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