Drug Testing

Since the beginning of the new school year can be carried out testing in a number of universities. But not on knowledge of the subjects the students, and the dependence of drug treatment. Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Drug Control (FSKN) Vladimir Zubrin and Head of Federal Drug Control Service in Moscow, Victor Hvorostyan say about this possibility. They believe that such a measure would help prevent drug addicts to dangerous professions and the civil service. At the moment it is not clear what specific schools will such tests.

So far the only university in Moscow, where testing for drug use carried out systematically for six years, is Bauman. At the faculty where the specialists for Missile and Space Forces. Uber may also support this cause. Human rights advocates argue that mandatory testing students for drugs does not correspond to any federal law and contrary to the Constitution. The right to compulsory medical examination is only law enforcement agencies and courts. Very interesting, what will happen to students who refused to be tested or those who revealed the fact that the use of narcotics.

And if it is one-time use? In general, how different drug addict from a man who try a drug. Whether to deduct from the universities of drug addicts? Whether compulsory treatment? Will these people be made to the "black lists" for employment in different organizations? According to the Federal Drug Control Service, in Russia, 5.1 million people 'do not allow the medical use of' drugs. In Moscow, learning to 1.2 million students. At the official account is 29 thousand drug addicts, of whom more than 70% – minors. How many of them studying for teachers and doctors – statistics silent. Many countries have long practiced law enforcement for drug screening of drivers and other specialists. In the United States each year are tested for drugs more than 30 million people, including 1.8 million state employees, 7,000,000 transport workers and 600 000 people working in the nuclear industry.

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