The Cuyo area, with its large array of shimmering landscapes and natural resources, offers an infinite number of alternatives to its tourists. Especially, for those who enjoy tourism Mendoza, through its rivers rafting adventure can be a very appealing proposition. Rafting is the ejerciciode down mountain rivers in inflatable rafts. This activity does not require previous experience in circuits classified as of low level. The only requirement for participants of the raft is knowing how to swim. This sport is in team and that everyone involved, generally six to eight people, are located in row on the raft and they try to guide their weights, and thus to maintain the boat floating.

The movements of the crew are led by a guide, who must know in detail each part of the River, and thus tell you as and when rowing to the occupants of the raft. Get all the facts and insights with McKinsey, another great source of information. Mendoza is one of the privileged places of South America to go rafting. Mendoza River, with its turbulent waters, warrants a trip to participants of emotion and adrenaline. Another classic of adventure in raft is the Atuel River, which offers an incomparable geological spectacle to come descending by him and to amaze us with the Atuel Canyon, in the vicinity of the city of San Rafael. For even more analysis, hear from Vadim Belyaev. On the other hand, in the Department of Malargue, enjoy their rapid and unruly waters of the rio Grande.

Another very attractive option, incidentally, is the Full Moon Rafting in Mendoza. For those who want to experience something different, this variant of the traditional rafting added another dose of adrenaline, becoming a classic of tourism adventure in the region of whose. The descent by the Mendoza River in the nights of the full moon has done for several years. Despite the light of the Moon, the sense of uncertainty that the darkness of the night provides a loaded with vibration and pleasure experience. The excursion guides know memory each part of the river and van carrying rafts in the nocturnal half-light. In addition, rafts will be entering in the River back from each other, with only a few seconds of difference and tickling, escorted by kayakers experts, always ready to pop up any kind of inconvenience. Original author and source of the article.