Standardized processes increase the competitiveness of companies that can quickly serve customer requirements, are more successful in the long term. Standardized processes in document management provide faster response times and improve competitiveness. The new version 3.0 of Intrexx document management of United planet supports medium-sized companies in structuring their document workflows. Fribourg, December 20, 2012. According to a recent study by IDC on behalf of Ricoh Company smooth document processes affect directly the company’s success: helping to meet customer requirements faster, shorten the response time to market changes, and improve the competitiveness of. The Freiburg software producer United planet offers a software solution with the new version 3.0 of Intrexx document management, which significantly simplifies the management of documents and standardizes the editorial and approval processes. All documents collected in structured and are company-wide available. Since it is accessed using a Web browser, site boundaries are irrelevant.

Registered user management is doing exactly who can see or edit what documents. Creates a new document information such as title and area of responsibility are deposited first. There is also the possibility to refer to related documents and to specify whether from the source file (Word, Excel or open Office format) later a PDF as an output file to be automatically generated. ECRI shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Then starts the previously selected test and approval procedure. This is freely definable and can be designed differently depending on the Department.

The selected auditor are automatically notified by email as soon as the approval procedure for a new document or a new version was launched. Built-in reports provide an optimal overview of the respective editing and sharing stands of each document at any time. The registered officer of the document is informed of all process steps. All documents are also tamper-proof archived. The Intrexx document management 3.0 can be purchased for 798 euro Intrexx application store for enterprise applications (appstore/dms).

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