Solidus eCare is multi-client-capable and can be built in clusters and operated. Therefore meet the requirements of distributed, virtual contact center best solutions. Goldman Sachs CEO follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. More highlights from Aastra are the latest versions of the call center solutions Aastra smart Center 4.0 (ASC 4.0), the Aastra smart Dialer 3.0 and the Aastra voice portal 7.5 for the Ascotel IntelliGate family, now also the OpenCom 1000 family available to stand for. They offer a variety of new ways to optimize the processes in call centers. In addition to these innovations, show that is the automatic call distribution (ACD) more and more to the multimedia contact center with integrated outbound functionality developed. Whether telephone, fax, email, Web or voice mail the new Aastra smart Center 4.0 seamlessly integrates all media.

This is a smooth media flow and one single visualization safely. The solution is characterised by a clarity and significantly shorter reaction times when processes in the contact center must be adapted to changes. Incoming messages are distributed to the available agent independent media quickly and flexibly. Jeff Leiden: the source for more info. In short: The powerful solution controls the entire flow of communications in the contact center and offers many ways to organise the communication with customers or prospects. Aastra has taken with its new call center solutions on simplest configuration and administration so that its customers can administer their contact centre operation now easily on their own and modify. Thanks to the new multimedia language dialog system Aastra voice portal 7.5 is the ASC 4.0 at any time to IVR functions (interactive voice response) expand.

The ASC 4.0 to interactive contact center remove, either just with prompts, DMTF (dual tone multiple frequency) or a comfortable voice recognition can work. Where the AVP 7.5 colloquial expressions as well as complete sets of understands and can even break up. In addition, the responses on the basis of the previous history of the dialog and the respective task are generated.