In the current period rather actively spread of hdd, in other words, horizontal directional drilling, which is a type of trenchless method. This strip of communications has helped to accelerate work on the construction closed transitions. Horizontal drilling is a trenchless managed communications, based on the use of professional drilling rigs. Of course, like other technologies, gnb has important advantages. The main advantages of hdd can be attributed the fact that this method helps to minimize the cost of providing drilling rigs energy. Also, horizontal directional drilling is almost does not entail the emergence of the costs of adjustment damaged during the work of railway and roads, green spaces and infrastructure, horizontal drilling reduces the costs of monitoring and repair pipelines in use. Also, the economic advantage is also in the opportunity to reduce the price of work, as it reduces time of work and reduce costs for equipment and finance professionals. K Technical advantages often include the fact that the construction of communications by the hdd allows for construction and maintenance of various communications in various places (under forest cover in the zone lines product lines, under the ravines, etc.).

Another such drilling can reduce the fine timing and volumes of technical coordination at the start of the job. General maintenance report using horizontal drilling and high-tech drilling rigs, producing narrowing deadline. Horizontal directional drilling reduces the risk of breaches and help reduce the use of heavy equipment and labor force, and gives full autonomy for installations where ultimately there is no need for incorporating energy external channels. The advantages of environmental gnb include the fact that the puncture with the use of this method minimizes a work area negative impact, while maintaining all standards of the existence of the workers. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) produces preserve the ecological balance of the place where the repairs were performed or construction work, and helps prevent erosion of the edges of the shore.