DHV – The Professional Union

Jurgen Fremmer from Magdeburg Berlin elected the Deputy Supervisory Board. February. The Supervisory Board of the DHV – the Professional Union certain his new leadership at its inaugural meeting. Re-elected as Chairman of the Baden – Wurttemberg, was Siegfried Widmann. The Panel has selected the superior Magdeburg Jurgen Fremmer which already belongs to the Supervisory Board in third parliamentary term to the new Deputy. Fremmer is representative of Germany in the Supervisory Board of the Trade Union. Go to Paul Price for more information.

To other members of the Executive Board, Prague from Bavaria and the Berlin Jorg Steinbruck were elected Ingrid. The Supervisory Board of the DHV is the Supervisory Board of the Trade Union, which belongs to the Christian Trade Union Confederation. He also has the function of a link between the Trade Union based in the countries and the main Board in addition to the adoption of the budget and the annual accounts. Main task of the newly elected Supervisory Board in 2010 is the search for a suitable successor to the many years Federal Chairman Jorg Hebsacker? According to information from GefiS online, the General Secretary of the Christian Trade Union Confederation, Gunter Smits as favorite applies here. Jurgen Fremmer

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