DFA Open Letter: “Fight McCain, Not Each Other”

Days Until Bush Leaves Office 308 Sign me up. This note from Democracy for America hit my in box today: The Democratic race for President has lost its focus. We have John McCain to beat in November, instead we fight each other. Geraldine Ferraro. Reverend Wright. Rezko ties. Secret tax returns. If you’re like me you’re sick of it. We have a war to end, an economy in trouble, and 4 gas. With hundreds of progressives to elect at all levels of office, it’s time to leave the character attacks to Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly. America needs to know why our candidates are better than John McCain and we need to hear it from Senators Clinton and Obama. Fight McCain, not each other. Join me in signing an open letter to the candidates now: We have an historic nomination battle, driving record Democratic turnout and commanding the nation’s attention. America needs to know our nominee will fight global warming with new jobs, technologies, and investment. Our nominee will expand health coverage to 10 million kids immediately, allow lifesaving research on stem cells, and work toward health care for all by the end of a first term. We will ban torture, restore habeas corpus, and build renewed respect for America around the world. A Democratic President will end the war in Iraq and bring our brave men and women home. A long primary battle is healthy as long as we make the case for how we’ll win, not how the other candidate will lose. We need to fight McCain, not each other. Join me in demanding Senators Clinton and Obama keep their eyes on the ball. Let voters choose our nominee based on the best we have to offer, not the worst we can imagine. Senators Clinton and Obama say they are ready to lead. Now is their chance to prove it.

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