Dental Aesthetics

Direct composite veneers.The innovative and incredibly simple restoration to restore simply and aesthetics the incisors and canine teeth. COMPONEER is a new product manufactured to give aesthetic, they are prefabricated and polymerised nanohibrido composite veneers that combine the advantages of the direct composite restorations with the benefits of prefabricated veneers. They provide a sophisticated system that allows to perform restorations of the incisors with great ease thanks to already made composite veneers. With veneers precast composite COMPONEER, available in various sizes, both individual restorations as full of the incisal area are performed with ease and efficiency.Complications of designing both the anatomical shape of the surface and the long hours of preparation are over. COMPONEER can adapt to every situation at all times as a composite. His smile made to carry. Thanks to COMPONEER, effective high quality esthetic restorations can be made to the incisors in a single session.To date, the only dentist could choose between the direct modeling composite restoration and laborious technique of veneers indirect.

With the system of direct composite veneers, current treatments range adds an interesting option and open new economic prospects for professional and their patients. Patients achieve a natural smile and cosmetic dentistry in just one session, your smile made to carry. Advantages for the dentist: simple application and effective only a single session restorations of quality with an excellent aesthetic result is necessary is not necessary to take a print and go through the best options of personalizacion(color, acentuacion de la forma y estructura) economical laboratory for the dentist and the patient thanks to its excellent result and efficiency. Great added value: the solution for many patients, with a less complex treatment for the dentist good arguments for the patients: teeth pretty after a single query dental treatment minimally invasive of the substance of aesthetic dentistry less inconvenienced by the customizable solution treatment high quality finishes cheaper than veneers indirect solutions of ceramic or zirconium. A simple product. Patrick price is open to suggestions.

An excellent solution. A sophisticated system. COMPONEER, direct composite veneers, are a totally new category of veneers. Manufactured industrial way with a composite nanohibrido of altorelleno, which guarantees excellent homogeneity and stability of enamel veneers. A leading source for info: Economic Cycles Research Institute. Extremely thin veneers, from 0,3 mm thickness, allows to perform a preparation which respects the tooth substance. Thanks to the glossy surface and natural appearance, restoration gets a vital aspect. Novel microrretentiva inner surface increases the wettability and reinforces a lasting union. Not esnecesario conditioning the veneer in a special way. All this makes COMPONEER a veneers technology milestone. Its sophisticated range of instruments and their full display for dentists and pacies material complete the range. The professional can quickly create restorations of natural aesthetics and natural of efficiently and economically. Componeer marginal sealing to the penetration of dye the tightness of margins after variable cargasmecanicas and thermal is extraordinarily good. 92.5% Of samples do not indicate the dye penetration, and only 7.5% just indicate a minimum coloration of the margin. In this way 100% of the samples did not show coloring of the margin or in a minimum degree, which represents a result extremely positive.Adhesive retention also proved resistant to the load. There were no losses of retention.

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