To choose the right person, there should be a list of requirements that candidates must meet to receive the delegation. Again write, will help us clarify our thoughts and avoid ambiguities which then may cause unwanted effects. 4) Define evaluation guidelines: When a task comes out of our personal orbit, we must retain control over the performance of the same, with regular assessments of performance. These assessments should be known by the person receiving the delegation and even, it is advisable to participate in the definition of such patterns and evaluation of it. Take also into account, as quoted Diego Pinilla, that delegate may be useful or necessary, for various reasons. Because we have no knowledge, skills or experience necessary to take care of a task.

You can be programming work do not know either more creative tasks such as designing a website. Few people have the same great capabilities to program or to make stunning designs. Because we do not have time to do a job. It is better to entrust the execution of a person work with a client look bad because of undue delay. It is true that our economy may be adversely affected by ordering part of a project to a professional from outside, but just make sure we will succeed and that the customer will be satisfied. No doubt a satisfied customer can benefit in the long run and offset the financial outlay to pay for others to do a job.

Because so we can devote ourselves to more profitable things, or perhaps open another type of business to exploit in the future. Because, although we do a job, there is always someone who could do it faster, better and for less money. When delegating work, we must ensure that everything is clear from the beginning. That is, what the responsibilities of each, how much will be paid to each person, and so on. The person that delegates have to be properly informed of the needs of the project and provided with all necessary documentation for the work to the customer. He thinks that, just like when you receive a commission need to inform you that the client properly, the person who delegates will also need your help to do their part no doubt as quoted Pinilla, that delegating is good for everyone. For those who care tasks, because it offloads. For the professional on delegating certain area, because it can increase its workload and income. Also for the end customer because the job will be done with greater speed and reliability .. Delegation is empowering, allowing to take positions, to assume responsibilities, and to use your freedom in a productive way as Diego said.

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