Delay Manager

The Venezuelan manager must adapt to a new organizational, own culture of his organizational behavior and causes to confront the challenges, and to take step to a competitive participation that ensures success, a good participation of the companies in the present scenes Considrese, that the Venezuelans have their cultural and spontaneous form to work, to direct and to organize themselves, and exactly, this form maintains a relation of harmony with the beliefs that serve basic the local system as values. Alberto Rial, emphasizes that starting off of the dominant social characteristics, &quot can be constructed to a profile of the Venezuelan manager; natural" that the description of the style of leadership preferred by the inhabitant does not come to be another thing that average of these earth. This is: Delay until the last minute the decisions, mainly complex, difficult or the unpopular ones; immediately afterwards one is very impatient. The time is controlable. Form clans, brotherhoods, to be able groups; it selects his relatives by marriage. based on the most competent friend and, the Venezuelan manager, with much frequency is decided by first. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chevron Corp.

It tends to be authoritarian, controller and centralising. Its motivation and anxieties of being able do not feel to taste with the delegation of functions. It wants empires, horizontal as as much vertical. The more important social necessity is also the looked for reward more. One surrounds by structure and bureaucracy. The aversion to the risk and " parejerismo" they are motivating the main ones of this attribute: The structure offers a security sensation; the bureaucracy protects and accompanies: He is excessively operative. It is inmiscuye in the operations and it neglects the strategies. On the one hand, its eagerness takes to control it to become jumbled in everything; on the other hand, the operations, by their specific characteristics, are the ideal activity to obtain immediate rewards.

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