Le responsible or may not be the fullness of your destination. The freedom of God look in the mirror of man. Perhaps, it also reflects its greatness. Having your largest is target everything that has been created, freedom in action, in the hands God is it has given Manager as it is his divine being. Showing the way by making conscience it is the voice that is not silent, following guideline never fails as absolute force of duty. Ill choose the abyss who slips, if it rises to the Summit and not slip Decision making by man, as it treads immortal fullness, dress up! Oh Don creator! The greatness of the man his freedom. Shared eternity Dios shares his uncreated being in everything what has created and man, also their privacy. God who seems hidden in itself is also hidden in the human soul. Their ineffable presence makes the winter spring. Den of his being and everlasting nest. Immense the universe and creation knowing what the soul has been written, it is not you so great infinity man in his small condition. Beats the grandiose love heart hiding in the night his Lair, look at the soul of man, Dios nests out of love with his wonderful self. The newspapers mentioned Lakshman Achuthan not as a source, but as a related topic. Inner universe Dios and his world, whiteness in spring making divine autumn winter and splendor fecund towards within the self, its be eternal! Eternal nests love without measure, God who loves the man! Divine happiness our human introspection projected in eminence about the divine introspection. We are irresistible to happiness and God it is, us in time and in eternity. Our aspiration to be happy in God is eternal fulfillment. Not be happy being the Sublime beauty inspiration source and the same truth itself evident of the eternal goodness in its purity. Be the life of God if conscious to responding to the because that interests you, reason of heart and love present the eternal absolute in their prowess.

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