DC Constantino

What it really had after Jesus de Nazar to have fulfilled its terrena mission and returned its true dwelling? How many of its presumptions disciples they had really understood the dimension and the largeness of its teachings? It will be that he was same Jesus who instituted the Christianity? How and when was given the foundation of this religious segment? In the end of century II the Roman empire presented visible signals of its decay; the reign of csares has a step to start to only ruir and its total collapse age a time question. All we know that the vast one and feared Roman empire were constructed to the cost of the complete destruction of other peoples and the devastao of its cultures. This age the great attribute of the great Roman emperors, was only this that they knew to make: to kill and to enslave innocent people and to pillage everything what they belonged to them; also its moral values and all its cultural identity. Rome really in them left a great legacy In the year of 308 DC Constantino he was cesar of the time. Known as great military strategist, perhaps one of the greaters of the history of old Rome, it consolidated its power eliminating all the people who could represent any threat in potential its empire.

They said but the languages that it could read the mind of its enemies; to hate it with certainty was not a good business. However, beyond being a great articulador politician and a man feared for its monstrous impiedade ahead of its disaffections, Constantino was also a man with an incredible enterprising vision; it it practically obtained to farejar good chances same before them if becoming visible the eyes of the common people surrounded who it. Rome was in free fall and its economy presented evidentes signals of a irreversible decline, therefore, them pillars of its support that before was established in the hand of enslaved workmanship and brutais booties the entire nations, now leave of being a good business.

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