Czech Republic

Do not try to save on the procedure of registration and place of submission of documents to the Consulate of the Czech Republic because you will lose more in updating in the future. Your reputation is a foreign citizen wanting to live in the Czech Republic can be elementarily flawed provision for registration of the company and personal documents “black address in the Czech Republic. When being blacklisted Chechen police the names of firms and foreigners own address alien to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic follows nearly impossible. Apply for the visa business by registering the company in Prague, Czech Republic, the private entrepreneur or a work visa through a contract with the Czech employer. In order not to be denied better to open a company in Prague and served on a business visa. Russian Gen. mainly in Prague and the Czech Republic as very similar to the life of the home.

The only thing that every Russian in the Czech Republic is crossing at next level of quality of life. Improved housing, own land, a few cars, own businesses, real estate in affluent areas of Prague. Russian lives in the Czech Republic, a large number, but still live apart, and there is not any Russian diaspora and consequently of mutual aid between the Russian. In shops and retail chains in the Czech Republic there is no shortage. Shopping in Prague is better to engage in large shopping centers moves Kotva, Tesco, Polladium. The Food Russian in the Czech Republic go to supermarkets Lidl, hypernova, Albert, Tesco, Billa, Penny.

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