Customer Survey: Austrian Airlines

“Smiling with the best-in-class fly Lufthansa’s motto seems to be: we fly for your smile your smile we fly”. Anyway, a smile of respondents is reflected in the results of a customer survey by Austrian Airlines is the poll for best in class and would be further recommended by 88 percent of fellow Airmen. The cleanliness on board for 85 percent of fellow Airmen is reported as (, as she should be. “The State of the aircraft convinced but not everyone: the plane was old and cramped and drafty”. With the leg room, only 45 percent of the surveyed passengers are satisfied.

In this category, particularly larger people wish an improvement. Although extending the legs not for all is perfect, the condition of the seats convinced 84 percent of those polled. The catering on board is 63 percent satisfied. In this category, the best rating reached Austrian Airlines: the food was really good. “For this reason alone again”, as a passenger.

Another guest complained, however, that same menus were offered on the back such as flight. “” The drinks is very good for 81 percent “good”. During the flight, 81 percent feel while informed, but only 30 percent feel entertained by the film offer. The alternative of multilingual magazines appeals of the respondents however 72 percent. More information:…

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