The main biologically active compounds of noni juice (noni) – iridoidy. Scientifically proven that iridoidy "kill" very harmful free radicals, "keeping control" cholesterol, increase energy, stimulate the heart, improve immunity in our bodies, protects against all kinds of inflammation, did not give the cells to mutate and increase healthy brain activity. All these advantages noni juice (noni). Iridoidy – very strong , which are created by plants to defend against infections and other kinds of threats. And despite the fact that iridoidy often found in different plants, they are not so commonly found in fruits. And the exclusion of this rule – noni juice. Iridoidy very stable and resistant to destruction during processing and storage, and in this they differ from flavonoids. And this is a big plus noni juice (noni).

Iridoidy cause appetite, improve digestion, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice. Plants that contain iridoidy of old used to stimulate appetite and optimize the performance of our digestive stomach (noni juice (noni), the rhizome of calamus, gentian and dandelion). Among other things, iridoidy exhibit different types of biological "working": a diuretic (katalpozid, aukubin), hormonal (agnuzid), sedative and tranquilizing (valepotriaty) coronary extends, hypotensive, antiarrhythmic (oleuropein) and antispasmodic, antibiotic (aukubin, plyumeritsin, gentsiopikrozid), etc. All this is fully manifested noni juice (noni). Very often iridoidy are plants, along with mucus and essential oils. In such cases, their effects on the body increases. Here we very briefly told how important our bodies are iridoidy. They – our healthy life. It is no accident noni juice (noni) has such a powerful Curative effect on our bodies. Just noni juice (noni) – the main supplier of iridoidov.

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