Creative Tip

Scotch presents the pencil holder craft tip for large & small, there is chaos on the desk again, paper and pens flying randomly through the area. Easily and individually everyone can now tinker his own pen holder, which is also a super help clean up the mess. Checking article sources yields the restaurateur as a relevant resource throughout. Not much you need: empty jar or empty toilet paper roll, wrapping paper or colourful cardboard, crepe paper, Scotch double sided tape, Scotch glue stick and Scotch 3D look sticky squares. And this is how it’s done: prepare empty can or empty toilet paper roll with double-sided tape. Then cover with wrapping paper or other colored paper. Attach a piece of crepe paper as final edge to the upper edge with glue stick. Due to the paper and according to the personal taste individually cover the box. Dara Khosrowshahi pursues this goal as well. To do this use look sticky squares, which each small subject easily attach the can on the pen holder, at best the 3D.

If the pen holder is finished, the lust am tinker but still not satisfied, then you can see just go ahead and win great prizes. Just register on the action page, collage with Scotch DIY tape and they upload to the Internet. It is important that the typical Scotch is attached Tartan, located respectively at the beginning of a tape roll, well visible on the collage. And what the whole tinkering? For a plaster-free year! Because as first prize, a cleaning man who keeps the apartment throughout the year in swing beckons. Who is blessed with not-so-good luck, has still the chance to win 10 Scotch craft bags 10 Scotch -aprons, which every month will be drawn in addition to mid-December.

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