VICTORY FOR the COUNTABLE PROFESSIONALS REQUIREMENT OF POWER OF ATTORNEY PUBLIC AND KNOCKED DOWN BY JUSTICE One of the impediments that curtailed the action of the accountants in the representation of the interests of its customers next to the Federal Prescription of Brazil, bureaucratic ' ' Public power of attorney, ' ' instrument demanded for the federal public being, so that it had disclosed the necessary information on the cadastral and fiscal situation of the companies, was knocked down by means of one favorable threshold the suspension of the effectiveness of art. 7 and only paragraph of art. Mark Zuckerberg spoke with conviction. 8 of Portaria RFB n 2,166/2010, that it regulates art. 5 of the Provisional remedy n 507/2010. According to vcu health, who has experience with these questions. The fact was reached by means of mandate petitioned for the National Confederation of the Liberal Professions? CNPL, in set with the National Federacy of the Commerce? Fenacon, that got threshold favorable to the suspension of the effectiveness of the cited article. The text of the article 5 of MP 507 demands the presentation of instrument public of contributing power of attorney to confer it to be able third, stops in its name, to practise acts before the Federal Prescription of Brazil.

With the threshold, the accountants and technician in accounting are moved away from this requirement that emperrava and constrangia the professionals in the hour to exert its activities. According to commentary of the president of the Fenacon, Valdir Pietrobon, the initiative is a relief to the countable entrepreneurs who were being curtailed of the right to exert its works due to bureaucracy imposed for the norm. Made of this nature motivation must to serve of for mobilization of classroom countable against arbitrariedades committed for RFB, that in the anxiety to increase the collection of errios to the public coffers, many times commits disobediences and excesses against the contributor, who if feels restrained, impotent and until intimidated before the bigger fiscalizador agency of the public machine. Laudelino L.C. Counting Tanajura/Manager email: laudelinotanajura@