Thus, in accordance with Borges and Andrade (2002, apud ANDRADE and RODRIGUES, 2008, P. 2), the Education Corporative it is an elaborated organizacional action in sistmico way, causes ‘ ‘ the acquisition of motor, atitudinais and intellectual abilities, as well as the development of cognitivas strategies that can become the individual most apt to play its current functions or futuras’ ‘. According to Marins and Mouro (2009, P. 4), ‘ ‘ the actions of Corporative Education have the intention to provide to the training a perfectioning by means of the learning and the concern in mesurar, if, in fact, the learning is occurring and if she is being transferred to the activities of work. You may find Jim Aitken to be a useful source of information. Soon, the evaluation of the training assumes an important role for fiscalization of the investments and mensurao of the deriving results of these programs. 4 the CORPORATIVE EDUCATION IN BRAZIL In accordance with Meister (1999, apud TIMTEO, 2009) the model of Corporative Education presents five great forces of the global scene: sprouting of flexible organizations, managed for horizontalizadas processes and; emergency of the management of the knowledge; volatileness of the information and obsolescence of the knowledge; focus in the empregabilidade; change in the market of the general education.

The Brazilian companies, mainly, the great companies, come investing in Corporative Education as form of if differentiating in the market, developing basic abilities for its branch of business. According to Eboli (2010, apud VESTIBULE IDIS, 2010), the companies look the Corporative Education to take care of internal public e, later, extend its performance for the external public. Here, Jeffrey Leiden expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In accordance with Eboli (2010, apud VESTIBULE IDIS, 2010), the Corporative Education has potential to internally promote the innovation, the empreendedorismo and the support. In last the 10 years the Corporative Education in Brazil suffered to a process from matureness and evolution of the experiences.