Confidential Documents

Informative privacy on data in a company’s clients already know that she is of vital importance as regards the security referred to in. Not to mention the factor order and cleanliness in general that useless files are saved or stored in any way accumulating more and more space. British Petroleum gathered all the information. For the destruction of confidential documents we have services of eco-shredder that quickly since the first call will perform all the process quickly and ecological to the delivery of certification for services rendered and avoiding as it had been happening having to place documents in the trash or destroying documents manually. They claim the previous identification of persons who will have access to your documentation. The entire staff of eco-Shredder has signed a confidentiality agreement on the different characteristics of lostrabajos made. The destruction of confidential documents is immediate and in the same place of origin of the documents. making it impossible to both its reconstruction and recovery or recognition of any information contained in the documents. All services that eco-Shredder offers its customers have a common denominator: minimize the risks during the process of handling and removing confidential information. Eco-Shredder home services in 2005 with the aim of providing an exclusive service and maximum confidentiality and security for the destruction of documentation. More information at original author and source of the article

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