Concrete Products

Today, mini-mills are a great way to open their own small business. Now the market has a huge selection of mini-factories for the manufacture of concrete products and other products in demand. Consider more mini-factories for the manufacture of concrete products. Typically, a mini-factories for izgotavleniya paving slabs and other concrete products consist of a gravity type concrete mixer, vibrating table high (in some cases also requires a second vibrating rasformovki for finished products) and a set of forms for concrete. Forms for concrete can be implemented as from the usual plastic, PVC, and the more cost-effective heavy-duty ABS plastic. Form of heavy-duty plastic have a longer life, use of these forms does not require rasformovochnogo table. And for storing forms and products you'll need shelves and trays (for storing the finished product). Production of 50 square meters of finished products takes a minimum of eight hour day teams of three people (including what forms to fill will be at least 50 square meters).

Products You can use it from the conventional concrete, as well as from ultra-strong concrete, which by its characteristics is not inferior to natural stone and marble. In the manufacture of various pigments may be added, thereby obtaining painted over the entire volume of the product. Such a method of coloring is better that during the operation of products does not appear NOT, chips, paint and do not vygaraet vyteraetsya. Thus, using the most advanced technology in the production of concrete, you can get a sidewalk tile, stone facade with unmatched durability and frost resistance, and excellent appearance. You will be able to produce concrete products with external characteristics of marble, granite or amber, with the cost of finished goods will be many times less than natural stone. Visit our website to learn more about the production of concrete products and ductile concrete mini-mills.

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