Common Mistakes

It's no secret that writing articles is one of the most effective ways to promote your online business. Connect with other leaders such as Groupon here. A good promotional campaign using articles can not only raise your site in search machines, but also make you a good reputation as an expert in a particular area of expertise. But, of course, can backfire, and if something goes wrong. Let's look at common mistakes authors and ways to avoid them. When people have no time to do everything well, or no relevant skills, they are usually: 1. Write too general or simply bad article 2. They write about what is already 100 times ever written, and thus do not even try to add something new 3. Wrong position the article, or do not think, for whom they write them, 4.

Not write articles on the topic on which they want to get traffic from search engines, 5. Trying to sell something in the article 6. At the end of his article, we simply write the address site, rather than to design it as a call to action 7. Some do not provide links to Internet resources in their custody; 8. All copies of published articles make the same title, same conclusion, and give one the same reference 9.

Place the same article on his website and in public directories, 10. Publish all their articles at a time; 11. The article gives a link to the home page, instead of referring to the appropriate section on your site theme 12.

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