Colorful Corporate Envelope

Colorful corporate envelope is determined number of colors used in printing. The options are: 1 +0 – print the outside of one color, 2 0 (3 +0) – respectively, the printing of two or three colors with a precise combination or without him, as well as 4 0 – full color printing. Printing without exact alignment is cheaper. Another option – 4 4, ie, full-color printing on the outer and inner sides of the corporate envelope, but inside is usually limited to one color. In recent months, brick paths has been very successful. Working on corporate design envelope, it is necessary to consider its design. As mentioned earlier, company envelopes are glued together from pieces, while on the reverse side formed a kind of joints. By placing a logo company or any other information, you should consider its location. If the logo hit on the seam, in this place will be either voids or the image will be visible to the relief of the seam.

Places on the company's envelope unsuitable for posting information, are placed along the seam gluing, sealing it formed through several layers of paper. Depending on the design of corporate envelope area, which can be used may be more or less. Note that all of the above applies only to cases where the image is put on the ready-branded envelopes. Way, when the envelopes are made on the envelope lines devoid described deficiencies. Another method used to print on envelopes ready for the brand – screen printing. It is relevant in cases where we need to solve some non-standard tasks: print whitewash by crafting or by colored paper, apply a thick layer of paint (eg, metallized), using a sample coating, etc.

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