Coal And Its Properties

Coal is an unusual mineral in virtue of the fact that a member of the once-living matter, and secondly, unlike other solid wood burns and generates heat. It is based on carbon and combustible gases – hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen Most of the coal was formed about 300 million years ago, because scientists have called this period the coal. The venue for the formation of deposits were swampland. and other plants crumble into the swamp. There over them carefully "worked" the bacteria resulting in a good organic material, then it is decomposed to give the turf. That over time under heat and pressure sealed turning into coal! Like all processes in nature, it flowed by itself without stopping. We are now reaping the fruits of the colossal work of Mother Nature, and we commend her gratitude in the form of cuts and tilled the mines! But it's the lyrics to the newly Prade sober scientific reasoning. Now identify three types of fossil coal.

They differ from each other by the degree of coalification. In its original form is preserved lignite, which is often called brown coal. It contains a small amount of carbon (about 30%), and when burned produces a lot of smoke, ash and stands little heat. But the Lapps of the heat and coal can be distinguished by dull and glossy layer that formed from residual trees and small vegetation. It also delayed soft material resembling charcoal from him hands and get dirty. By the way forgot to mention that this type of coal called bituminous. And the anthracite differs the highest degree of metamorphism.

It is 98% composed of carbon. It is difficult to ignite, but if that will break out the heat, "Mama Do not Cry", and the smoke will stand out quite a bit! Everyone knows that coal is mainly used as fuel. Huge impact on the demand of coal to steel and energy industries. In addition, coal is the raw material for various products. Ammonia, coal tar and light oils obtained from coke production, used for the manufacture of dyes, antiseptics, medicines, detergents, perfumes, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and household chemicals. From coal even get a sugar substitute – Saccharin. Of all fossil fuels Earth mostly coal. Coal is a natural element supporting the comfortable, warm and bright, "the existence of millions, and even Millard life on Earth. Say thank you again, Mother Nature, when in Yandex dial "buy Coal!

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