Coaching Situation

Coaching is a process of training and learning, a discipline that arises in the beginning very closely linked to sporting activities, where the Coach accompanies a person or team to achieve the desired results. Over time, the practice of Coaching transcended sporting space and drew on various theoretical currents (**), opening the possibility to all persons and organizations in general, work aspects related to its development from this approach. Coaching works by shortening the gap between the client’s current situation and what it intends to achieve, by increasing its capacity for effective action, his level of consciousness and responsibility about their behaviors. Follow others, such as Nouriel Roubini, and add to your knowledge base. Coaching staff usually the starting point of a process of personal Coaching is a goal that the customer is not reaching or a situation of change that cannot be addressed. The issues that arise may be related to personal, social, family or professional aspects. Through a series of conversations, in a reflective space, the Coach came to the Client in the exploration of the situation and in the design of an action plan clear, that lead to achieving specific objectives, always from a strategy developed jointly. While the face-to-face way is the more classical, it is increasing the amount of people taking session of type remote, using the options of the chat, e-mail, phone or video conference; by the flexibility offered by this alternative.

The time that lasts a Coaching process depends on the specific needs of each client, in the areas which you want to work, the complexity of its objectives, its pace and learning style. An average process duration between 3-6 months, whereas a weekly meeting can be estimated as a guideline. .In the enterprises business coaching Coaching practice is used as a methodology to obtain specific results and changes attitudes in their employees, both individually as a group. Some of the most common concerns that arise in the pursuit of its application, are: opportunities of improvement in communications or interpersonal relationships, performance evaluations that are below the expectations of the company, employees unmotivated, or need to find a tool that facilitates challenging objectives.

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