Climatic Reality

The highest peak of deniers of climate change, from 8 to 10 March will take place in New York. They are the oil company ExxonMobil-funded and organized by the Heartland Institute, along with 40 others in the service of the interests of the energy sector. It should be recalled that the Board of Directors of Heartland is Thomas Walton, director of economic policy at General Motors, second automobile manufacturer in the world that in October asked to Brussels that the demands of CO2 emissions for cars circulating in Europe were less stringent. The former Conservative President of the Spanish Government, Aznar, will lead the Summit of sceptics who deny the evidence of global warming. They are aware that a proposition need not be true for, by dint of repeating it, finished by being believed or accepted by a lot of people.

It is a form of ideological propaganda, in this case at the service of the interests of the energy sector, which came to motivate wars and invasions to control these resources. Another of the stars of that event is Vaclav Klaus, President of Czech Republic and current President of the European Union. The former President of the people’s Party and the Government, Jose M Aznar is the author of such devastating how sectarian blue, not green planet book which he edited and presented in Madrid. It is now poised to take charge of the biggest climate change deniers of history. The Summit aims to draw attention to research that contradicts that moderate warming of the Earth during the 20th century is caused mainly by human beings and it has reached crisis proportions, according to the website of the Heartland Institute. Aznar said that it makes no sense devote hundreds of billions of euros to causes as scientifically questionable as to be able to maintain the temperature of the planet Earth within a hundred years and solve a problem that perhaps, or perhaps not, our tataranietos have.

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