Civic Seven Parade

Edson Silva I love my native land and I do not have no distrust in declaring this love. In we approach them to commemoration of plus one Day of Independence, will be 188 since 1.822, when in one day Seven of September, in So Paulo, to edges of stream of Ipiranga (today river that has great part of its stream bed punished for all luck of pollution), then the prince Dom regent Peter I would have intentionally: ' ' Independncia or Morte' '. Throughout history, we had still many deaths for the concretion of independence and had those that had not hesitated in suffocating in the force of the weapons the independence of the great majority of the people. With the blind majority, deaf and dumb for convenience or debtor, throughout decades, what if it saw was the band to pass, singing music of pain, hiding moaned of the full calabouos of who it dared to dream in ' ' to leave the free native land or to die for Brazil ' ' , being that the owners of the power almost always applied the second option, with disappearances, arrests, exiles. Who was, fought, it supported certainly was hero. A utopian Quixote of the high one of its horse not to face the mills or that one of spotless uniform to raise symbolically a sword to have the image reflected in stream or picture.

But hero of the freedom in the conception of the word. This is very proud in them and would have to be proud all the Brazilians who now try soft breezes of the democracy conquered with fights, sweat, blood and tears and therefore of inestimable value. If today we are people in the street, either to appreciate a Civic Seven Parade of September, to make a party, to commemorate the victory of our teams, to follow assemblies of the chosen candidate or to choose, we must to whom they had preceded in them and they fought therefore and fits to all we it responsibility to continue fighting so that such rights are kept.

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