Even convertibles are many providers at affordable prices. For example, the mini convertible with DriveNow, the BMW car-sharing provider. “The reason: we want to introduce new customers to the brand.” Each booking is also a kind of test ride. Small quirks but sharing also has its corners and edges: Anders than in the classic rental cars usually fixed stations or in city park districts must be returned. Fork rides usually do not work. Also for rural dwellers, who have no provider in your area, sharing is not really an alternative. Negative also: The spontaneity of suffers when this vehicle model.

For who wants a runabout for the country trip still spontaneous at the weekend after a long late-riser breakfast book, must find more often, that all cars already on the road are towards the mountains. The fact is: the Germans love sharing. According to the United States, our nation is the most diligent in terms of car parts. Go this mobility concept test? Then take a look in the large CarSharing Atlas 2013 from mobile in Germany. The ranking mobile in Germany e.V., Germany’s young Automobile Club has 24/7 compares the CarSharing companies drive now Flinkster Car2Go, cambio, Stadtmobil, book ‘n’ drive, CiteeCar and Hertz and placed under other questions: how long and how many cities the company exists? Are which and how many vehicles on sale? How old are these average? How many customers have an average share a vehicle? How much is the rent? These will be charged every minute or every hour? There are discounted Park “-, long-term”- or night “fares? All miles are included? Since almost every CarSharing company prepares its own tariff model, we calculated three typical booking models for better comparability. In the first case, we have booked the car for an hour (half an hour driving, half hour parking) during the day and went to 20 kilometers.

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