You want to congratulate happy New Year to our customers and partners, to remind them about your company and offer their Christmas deals and discount? It is very easy to implement! As part of a company crisis management program "Simpson" and company "DCC" developed a new New Year offer. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to know more. The new anti-crisis program for small and medium-sized businesses include not expensive, time-tested methods of advertising and unique new idea. In New Year's package includes services for outgoing calls from the client base and greeting clients and partners a Happy New Year on behalf of your company. A similar call-up for our customer base will increase the number potential customers. If you would like to congratulate the New Year with its partners, the implementation of advertising your company with the help of Christmas greetings can actualize your customer base, or to arrange interviews telephone sales. Calling customers on New Year greetings to a particular person (operator call-center calls the customer or partner name) will not seem intrusive. After all, first and foremost human congratulate on the holiday.

The result of New Year's greeting customers and partners on the phone will increase customer loyalty, recognition of the company and increase profits. What else it does not help to increase profits Your company survive the economic crisis? Anti-crisis advertising method will start the New Year greetings powerful viral advertising. People start talking about your company and will give an interesting news to your friends. In the New Year The proposal also includes the SMS service dispatches. We will send New Year greetings to your customers, partners and colleagues.

In place of New Year greetings you can send information about your Christmas discounts and promotions. Can organize SMS sending Christmas discounts. Anyone who has come to you, and showed on your phone SMS message from you will get a discount or bonus. In this case, messages will be sent several times and the effect of distribution multiplied. You can send a request for a New Year's offer or call us and we will tell you how you can still benefit from such services to interested clients.