Christian Kiessling

And not just here to save energy. In the entire building are optimized lighting halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, which provide up to 80 percent more efficient light than conventional models, and high performance-LED’s installed. In addition, polished steering mirrors are employed, which direct the light to the right place, and avoid wastage. Motion sensors to control the lighting of corridors. The lights are on only if it is also required by the guests. “Saving can be expensive however, the savings would be thwarted by the pricing of energy suppliers and the rising cost of electricity and water, explains Christian Kiessling, co-owner of the hotel ALT-Connewitz: we consume no contracted minimum amount of power, then the price with the supplier”, Kiessling calculated. The price per kilowatt-hour is aimed at the majority of the energy provider according to the consumption.

The consumption of the company under the agreed value, the customer slides automatically Save in a higher price range – is unattractive! For this reason, Kiessling moved to a supply company that sells exclusively renewable energies at the single rate. Here, he pays the nominally more expensive price per unit of energy, but can achieve financial savings through energy-efficient action. “And last but not least: we use environmentally friendly generated power instead of seemingly cheap nuclear power”, Kiessling argues. Recently, a gas-powered block heat and power plant was installed in the hotel. The gas is used to generate electricity, and the resulting heat ensures warm water. The modern technology exploits the full potential of the combined heat and power and uses twice the power resources – their efficiency is over 95 percent. Kamal wants to further modernize the ALT-Connewitz in terms of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility: the hotelier here continues to natural gas.

In the near future, the sauna is completely converted to these energy sources. Gradually the building insulation should continue be improved to keep the heat in the House. The model of the Green Hotel is already implemented in our hospitable House in the South of Leipzig in part”so Kiessling. For the guests at the hotel ALT-Connewitz, environmentally conscious sleep is perhaps a bit better.

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