Che Guevara

It has established good relations with Mexico and Canada (U.S. in NAFTA partners), although it remains to see if the new Canadian Conservative Government decides not to move away from the previous line’s approach to Cuba imposed by the Liberals and prefer to stick to the Bush position. In particular Castro has sought to move closer to the European Union and Latin America. Spain has been a key bridge. Since 1991 Fidel and the King of Spain (who should be Antipodes as one raises the communism and the other the hereditary monarchy) have been coordinating closely promoting the annual Iberoamerican summits. These have been parallel to the OAS with the difference that not involved U.S. and English-speaking countries, but which always raised resolutions seeking to cease the blockade against Cuba.

These summits in Spain could rebuild its relationship with its former colonies and advance as a large investor from the European Union in the region, while Cuba is reinsertaba in their continent and was attracted to Iberian and Latin American capitals. Arms at the polls when in 1966 Castro turned 40 years Cuba sponsored guerrillas in most of Latin America to the Tricontinental and the establishment of focal points. The Che Guevara was in Congo and then in 1968 he died in Bolivia. When Castro celebrated half a century of life Cuban troops were sent to Africa. They were key in supporting the pro-Soviet regimes in Angola and Ethiopia. To celebrate 55 years Castro had succeeded in having a partner where also a local revolution supported by guerrillas had deposed a dictator in Nicaragua.

However, Fidel has left the diplomacy of the rifle. As well as Khadaffi in Libya seeks to distance itself from all forms of terrorism, Castro today wants that supporters are abandoning the armed path. Fidel wants to export Cuban experts but in the areas of health and education (as has been doing in Venezuela).

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