Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Life!

Our thoughts determine our lives and our environment how many times have we heard it or read: our thoughts create the world around us. What we think about our lives, about ourselves or others is reflected in our environment. Believe that others have it easier than yourself and make you life is this difficult? Do you think that money is heavy work, and work hard all the time for little money? Always tell your friends you have how much bad luck in love and attract partners, which confirm this belief? We have programmed beliefs and emotions in us, that determine how we live our lives, who and what we are and what we have to do. Often, these beliefs in our subconscious, and we therefore are not aware. Our thoughts are powerful. Negative thoughts make our life difficult. Avoid, that we succeed. They prevent a loving relationship and hinder us finding our dream job and live a fulfilling life. ECRI shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

But where are these beliefs? We Learn daily. From the day on which we were born, we learned from our family, friends, teachers and classmates and by the company. Research showed, that we have learned even much in the mother’s womb. We take over habits of the kind and way to make their lives as the people around us: what they believe, what they think what is right and what is wrong and what they think is what is possible and what is not. We manifest these experiences and beliefs as truth in our subconscious. Here an example: a girl grows up in a loving family. However, the father works a lot and almost never has time for the family, even though he loves her. The mother takes care of the children, the household and everything is what with family affairs, but without the support of the man. Because this is in the works.

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