In this case, losing a job or just drop experienced as a personal betrayal, failure. Another type – design consciousness, when the work – is the man himself, his personal experience and expertise, and each new location – only a step in his career. Such a person perceives the dismissal rather as a challenge and an opportunity to learn something. Think of yourself in As new! Look at your personal qualities, skills and experience! What you can do better than others, that truly brings you pleasure and that you have such a thing others do not! Think about what the basis of this, you can still do! On the Internet recently I read a joke that because of the crisis, many moved to the "left" earnings and suddenly he found himself more! Maintain relationships with old friends and constantly acquire new! Keep their "connection" to date! For many people work – an organized communication guaranteed. Personal relationships are conceived, developed and torn, they are not as stable as a service. The implications of this, I would said extreme example, I quote from personal experience: Some time ago, an organization in which I worked was for me a "family". Works for me was the meaning of life, a way of self-realization and all present and future life I viewed through my "family", as if through a prism. One day, I was left without his "family", do not say that it really unexpected, but nonetheless, this event has put me in a state of stress does not pass.