Under current law, which provides guidance on the need for notarization of transactions for management and disposal of vehicles, the contract of sale car can be concluded in writing. But if necessary, the parties may certify such an agreement at any notary's office, both in public and in private. To do this, the notary shall be submitted: Passport applied or documents replacing them (if the transaction is made on behalf of another person – a document certifying the authority of a citizen to represent the interests of the trade), documents confirming the right of property of the seller of the vehicle, vehicle registration document, the act of assessing a vehicle composed of forensic expert institution of the judiciary or an organization related to technical service vehicles. For notarization of the contract of sale vehicle in accordance with the Law 'On State Duty' levied by the notary fee of 1.5% of the contract (Paragraphs 3, subsection 4 of Art. To read more click here: Joe Dimaggio. 4 of the Law of the Russian Federation 'On State Duty'). Drafting of the contract shall be paid at a rate of 1% of transaction amount, but not less than 50% of the minimum wage, and execution of technical work on its production – in 2% of the minimum wage per page (Section 23, Clause 4, Article 26. 4 of the RF Law 'On State Duty'). A lawyer, private practice, for the implementation of these actions will charge at the rate that is larger determined between the parties and the notary (Article 22 of the Fundamentals of Russian legislation on notaries).