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Really, to obtain a Psychology to the service of the Human being. BIBLIOGRAPHY AND NOTES FOOT OF PAGE: Article: Schizophrenia: components of the personality like risk factors. Serafn Lemos Giradles. Psicothema, 1,989, Bowl 1 l$p. 55-69 in Module 3 Sociognesis Scientific Psychology (Excluded 2,3 points 1,2 and the concept from Diffrance) of the Material of Sociognesis of Scientific Psychology in paper. Jorquera V. Of the psicologizacin of madness.

Shaw C. (2005) Woman AT the margins: me, Borderline Personality Disorder and Women AT the Margins. Annual Review of Critical Psychology, 4. Velasco, Maria and Pujal, Margot. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andy Sieg by clicking through. (2005). Reflections around the suicide: destabilizing a reduccionista discursiva construction. Digital Athenea, 7, 133-147. . Credit: Jeffrey Leiden-2011.

(1) Gabriele, Alejandra. (2003) Notes for an analysis of the categories of normality and pathology in the psychiatric-political speech. Consulted in: (2) Tube Or., Pelez M., Norea N. (2005): Reflections on the socioconstruccionismo in Psychology. Diversitas. (3) Biglia B. (1999) Looking for threads: l Italian Antipsichiatria, the ray that does not stop 1 (4) John Read, Loren Mosher and Richard Bentall (eds.), Models of Madness (Herder 2006) (5) Reading p 5 of the Introduction to the Module it could seem that we make reference to binomial reason-desrazn or normal abnormal we clarified that while in the introduction appears like an option or another one, in this exhibition is tried to make see the conflict, the confrontation of these concepts, not like an offense but like the possibility of growth and development of these metafilosficas terms that take like maximum expression so polished reflections and as those that Foucault does. (6) L$p. 61 Module Evaluation of the personality and the Motivational interests . (7) J.L. Austin: How to do things with words, Paids, Buenos Aires, 1971. vers. ESP. of 1998, pp. 29-30 (8) Escudero S. With regard to the name University of Oviedo. Ref; Psicothema, 1989, bowl. 1 n1-2, pp.5-6 (9) Commentaries introduction by Torrent Sherry, Ana of the book of Cabruja, T. (ed.) (2005) Psychology: deconstruccionistas perspective. Subjectivity, psychopathology and ciberpsicologa. Barcelona: EDIUOC.

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