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To move of the place where if it lives serves to take care of some type of necessity, either of economic, social order, of relationship or any another nature. The truth is that a great part of the people does not live where they had been born, is changed of quarter, city, state, region even of country. Many times occur that one definitive quarter if becomes very expensive, taking much people to look other places cheaper than they are adjusted to the level of income of them. In many occasions they are cities, regions or states that if become attractive in reason of offer of jobs and businesses leading to have one entered fort of people proceeding from other localities. This happens sufficiently with places that incur into a very great level of economic growth, whose more visible consequence is the significant increase of the number of inhabitants.

In recent work, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) in recent years presented the numbers of the occured migration in Brazil. In accordance with the data of the IBGE, in the period of 1995 the 2000 it had a flow of 3,3 million people who had left one of the five regions of the country and had started to live in another one. In the years of 1999 the 2005 this flow was of 2,8 million whereas in the period of 2004 the 2009 two million people had moved of region. It is observed, therefore, that although the Brazilian population to have increased, the flow of people who if dislocate to live in diverse region of the original is lesser. In accordance with the data of the PNAD (National Research for Sampling of Domiciles) of 2004 and 2009, only in the regions South and Center West had entered migrantes what they had left. In the five years understood between 2000 and 2004, the North had a surplus of 63,4 a thousand people, the 34,6 South of a thousand and Center-West of 203,6 a thousand. .

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