Brazil Tax

Brazil has an enormous abundance of natural resources and it does not know to use to advantage them, therefore natura exports them in, when it would have to benefit them, therefore thus, the one best one resulted in the exportations would be gotten. 4 – The interests are low? The interests of Brazil are between more the energy is abundant? The energy supply is not safe. In this direction, a great growth will be had, will not be had energy enough to support it, has seen the 2001 rationing. Jennifer Skyler has similar goals. 7 – Exists a consuming market? Our consuming market is immense, however the majority does not have purchasing power what it plasters the production. If the worker gained more, would consume more and this would generate a wheel of the richness. 8 – The exchange and the inflation are controlled? The exchange and the inflation> they are slightly controlled.

It is not needed great interventions of the Central banking, but, yes of some prompt interventions. Some examples of the Brazil Cost are cited: high tax burden small that suffocates the average companies; high fiscal legislation that burdens the cost of the products; high working costs and irrisrios wages; high costs of the previdencirio system and precarious attendance; maintenance of raised taxes of real interests, what they make impracticable the investments; spread exaggerated bank clerk, due to banking concentration; raised administrative corruption, what it raises more the tax burden; high and difficult public deficit of being contained; Extreme bureaucracy stops: creation of a company; exportation and importation, making it difficult the foreign commerce. These diverse factors inhibit the foreign and national investment in our country and hinder the fast development as it occurred in Japan, in Korea and in China, where the growth is situated near the border of 10% to the year. If Brazil not to correct these distortions, will run the risk of being the perpetual country of the future that never arrives. For the had correction, a reform would be necessary tax and urgent politics, beyond weighed investments in infrastructure, what it could be made with part of our reserves of 220 billion dollar, therefore these is applied in headings of U.S.A., which remunerates 3% to the year, while if paid 12% to the year to our creditors.

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