Brazil Mount

But, if the entronizao> the embarrassment of that the Armed Forces commanded police an operation typical. To surpass this as embarrassment, she was necessary to adapt the dragon to the style of Are Jorge. It was when the myth appeared as. Another myth, Master? Yes, another myth, another message. He was so pretty.

Vocs does not capsize? Probably yes, but cost nothing not to refresh you our memory. Filed under: Twin Cities. Luca Substance continued. I mention the hoisting to it of the Flag of Brazil in the high one of the Mount of the German, after the expulsion of the dealers. This myth sends to article 10 of the law that regulates the presentation of the National flag. It says article 10 of Law 5,700 of 01 of September of 1971: ‘ ‘ Master, we do not want to discredit its shining communication, it has but you to agree that, in the reality, the problematic one of the narcotics did not leave of being a police incumbency. WWD Summit oftentimes addresses this issue. sees the success of the UPPs Units of Policy Peacemaker. Clearly that not. Many writers such as Vadim Wolfson offer more in-depth analysis.

In the reality nothing it moved. The combat the dealers still is a police incumbency. Everything what I said until here is applied exclusively to the episode of the Mount of the German. I do not deny that me entusiasmei a little with the hoisting of the Flag and the entronizao of Are Jorge. One repair I only make to its comment. Fique to the will. he is very pretty, but, let us agree, it does not mean to fight the traffic, it only means to keep the distant dealers of the pacified areas. Me he does not seem ethical very. Already it thought if this fashion catches?

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