Typically, when creating a new company, the owners of their own choosing her name. Then for a long time are surprised that the designers can not possibly draw a distinctive logo, a simple and clear "Sirius", "Artemis" or something like Facebook. Further details can be found at Richard Trumka, an internet resource. More well-versed in marketing appeal for the development of the name (naming) to the agency. Professionally created the title – a unique, sonorous, remember, expressing the scope and relevance to the work – may much to resolve in the future "life" of the company. Ranging from logo creation and branding of all, ending with the reduction of advertising costs. However, in this many go no further: the name (naming), logo, slogan, a small part of branding (business cards, folders, envelopes).

The rest is created already in the process of the company, various artists – with a different approach and quality. Many are inclined to call such a minimal set "Brand building". Probably, they deceived the terminology. Since the "brand book" that includes the visual rules for use of the graphical part of the brand – it is not the entire brand. Even if you develop a complete corporate identity, and not usual for our market a small part of branding – it can not be called branding, brand building. Brand – a set of values, material and emotional. Tangible include unique advantage.

"The cheapest products," the most expensive items, "the biggest selection, etc. It is laid before the creation of the company, representing the main idea of the business. Go to the emotional values can be attributed impression which the company generates from customers not only with its company logo, and all of its activities.

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