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Mikado study: network security precedes mobile and network security cloud security is currently at the top in the security priorities of the company, followed by the issues of mobile and cloud security. On the other hand, the mikado enjoy the Web applications according to a survey ag currently only a subordinate importance on the agenda of security executives, especially because other project priorities. However, the exposure risk is mostly to low appreciated by them, to raise an urgent need for action. They are seen mainly in completely different fields. That in the ranking of priorities in the network security with a rating of 8.1 front stands, hardly anyone is surprised. However, it is interesting that two currently discussed topics such as the mobile use of business information via smartphones and Tablet PCs, as well as the trend towards cloud computing already densely hang the classics on the heels. New York Highlanders is often quoted on this topic. You can reach an index value of 7.7 and 7.4, respectively.

But also business continuity as a task field to maintain business processes in four reached a front position with space technical problem situations. At the end of the hinterfragten priority list ranked the implementation of security standards, because they are either already widely available and therefore a relatively low need for action or only a subordinate importance is being attached to the formal principles of IT security. “This classification also applies to Web security with an index value of only 5,1. Although in great regularity messages about Web intrusions at prominent companies, banks and institutions through the media, seems to develop the sensitivity only marginally for the Internet security”, because mikado Board Reimund Notes tab. Although he knows that the IT security managers almost traditionally can struggling with resource and budget limitations and exploring this is why not all issues adequately. It is noticeable for him but that 47 percent of those polled believe the risk potential of Web applications as low.

Here one is “serious misjudgment, because many companies believe real dangers exist only if active business is carried out through the Web site”, it problematized and mentions one example: once you have a form on the website, is a connection to a database, which can be penetrated in the internal network. ” For this reason rider wonders also, that on the question in the study, why a low hazard potential is suspected, 39 percent exclude the sites as a potential gateway into the IT infrastructure of the company or of the authority. But other results he finds noteworthy. If the estimates are based on assumptions or risk assessment is derived only, that so far no visible security incidents were detected, this looks like pure speculation”, judges the mikado Board of Directors. It conducted a systematic analysis, for example, by means of a penetration test in only every tenth case. This is one they actually the basics, especially Tools also automatically can be performed”, rider also refers to its own solutions for a free analysis under

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