Blind Rejoice

‘JAWS module Office 2007’ by Papenmeier, blind now can easily get on Microsoft Office 2007. Rehacare 2008: Papenmeier presents JAWS module Office Papenmeier: was A 11 in Hall 5 REHACARE Dusseldorf / 18. International trade fair and Congress for rehabilitation, prevention, integration and maintenance of the 15th-18th October 2008 daily from 10 18: 00 (Saturday 10 17) what is JAWS? JAWS provides the screen information of PC’s as speech and Braille. Therefore many Windows operating systems can be used undAnwendungsprogramme with Braille or speech by blind people. The radical changes in Microsoft Office 2007 mean JAWS module Office 2007 for many blind users a serious change in your daily work. The Papenmeier JAWS modules for Office 2007 help quickly and efficiently when upgrading to the new version of Office. The company Microsoft has developed a completely new interface with Vista and Office 2007.

Blind computer users be earlier or later forced it to work. What does the Office 2007 the JAWS JAWS module module Office 2007 structured dynamically the Ribbon according to the criteria developed for sighted computer users. In other words, the blind computer users traceable chooses the interesting for him Ribbon from a list for looking on the screen. The selected Ribbon then presents itself as a list of containers available in, the required container can be selected from the well again. As you already guessed, the blind user now receives a list of the controls available in the selected container. All elements of possible shortcut is displayed, so that the blind users they can memorize the even more effective use of its system. Furthermore supports the JAWS module Office 2007 the figure used in the Winword form mode interaction objects such as checkboxes, Radiobuttos, drop-down boxes, etc. The JAWS module Office 2007 is specifically designed for Papenmeier Braille displays EL family developed and voted on them. Additional information is available at Mike Gianoni. Office 2007 is in contrast to the standard JAWS, not only the voice output is possible, but also the output on the Braille display with the JAWS module! The JAWS can module Office 2007 at the cost of 300 + VAT will be acquired.

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