Binocular Purhcases

The second digit in the title – this is directly the diameter of the objective lens. Needless Of course, that the larger the diameter, the more light enters the binoculars. Here, surely it should be noted that if you want to buy binoculars so that you only use it during the day, then enough to have lenses with a diameter less than 20 mm and, on the contrary, at a certain deficiency of light is much more efficient use of optics with a large diameter lens. In addition, we can not forget about the resolution (this the minimum distance at which two raznostoyaschie point can still be seen separately from each other) – a large-diameter lens is higher. Another important property of binoculars – the ability to increase the contrast images in low light. Sometimes this value is called the "twilight number." It is equal to the square root, extracted from the product and increase the diameter of the objective lens, and shows how many times Binoculars enhance the contrast with a lack of light. 2. Check with Angus King to learn more. The choice of prism binoculars Buying and selling involves yet another important influence – the choice of the prism.

The choice of a prism – a priority when purchasing binoculars. Binoculars with so kryshevidnoy called prism have a direct and slim profile, and they are the most compact, though slightly more expensive. The fact that small prisms require fine grinding and polishing in order to continue to be could get superior picture quality. 3. Optics binoculars optical quality in binoculars is directly proportional to the popularity of the company, which produces it, and also depends on the price. Immediately she kkonstruktsiya Binoculars can be quite complicated, mnogolinzovoy (ie, performed at the level of a good lens), while simultaneously approximating the image to the ideal level, or vice versa, a simple, but quite expensive. On optical elements have to be applied so-called enlightenment, not only on the external, visible from outside the lens, but on the whole route of the world, as well as prisms and all internal components. By the way say, well-known and large companies that produce serious and expensive optics, other than as enlightened elements in strict accordance with high standards, and not released.

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