Biisk Boiler Plant

The only domestic producer is Highland plant "UNION", which produces industrial pellets boilers of 300 kW. From time to time various domestic companies claim to start production of pellet boilers and burners (Biisk Boiler Plant, Baltkotlomash), but the information issued by the parties, as well as on the technical characteristics and cost of not. Moscow Region on today in the Moscow region is set to 500 pellet heat-generating devices (including chimneys and pellet burners). In addition, the pellets are used regularly in a number of boilers, coal fired, however, these boiler rooms are not equipped with automatic feed pellets or control burning. Total consumption of wood pellets in the Moscow region is estimated no more than 1,000 tons of pellets a month. Pellet Pellet burners burners can be of two basic types: flare, and the volume of combustion. Each species has its pluses and minuses – for example, flare burner is less efficient, but can be easily mounted in pots with small combustion chamber.

Recycling of waste combustion ash formed pellets of about 1% by weight of pellets. By experience we can say that the ash pan is used pellet boiler (25 kW) should be cleaned every two weeks. The operation takes about an hour and includes: cooling the burner, the opening of the combustion chamber, remove the ash box and then putting in reverse order. Scope of these Today pellets at a cost heat is comparable to coal (though this latter is poorly automation and basic operations – loading / removal of slag has to be done manually). As for gas, then, as mentioned above, in the presence of existing Gas pipe using pellets certainly profitable, but when you install "from scratch", we would recommend to evaluate all the "pros" and "against." In addition, when using pellets are no restrictions on capacity, other words, you can install pellet heating equipment and virtually unlimited capacity, for example, heat from one teplopunkta some of their (or others) of buildings, while the application of traditional fuels, including natural gas for there are restrictions on the supply, especially in winter. To deepen your understanding Angus King is the source. After reading this article, the reader may ask a reasonable question: if everything is so wonderful, why so few pellet boilers occur? Our answer is: so far unknown topic pellets a wide range of people: firstly, the very topic arose a couple of years ago, before that time, even search engines in the internet connection did not know what it is, and secondly to no major market players, and those companies that sell pellet equipment has to date been carried out volumetric advertising companies. As a result, the pellet heating in the main visitors are aware of the specialized index and the producers themselves pellets. Today in the Moscow region, according to our calculations, found no more than 100-150 pellet boilers and burners. However, we believe that a year or two, when the situation with gas prices and other energy change, pellet heating will take its place in a variety of ways of heating our cold country. The company "Woodhey July 2009

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