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Finally, after to direct the study of thematic of the formation the politics of the Acre, is possible to raise some important points, over all, when we dislocate in them to the past to understand the future, it is a necessary process of feedback, given to the complexity and the diverse involved factors inside of this historical contextual logic. However, some elements become marcantes in elapsing of the formation acriana politics. The beginning of everything an originated process of occupation of the center of Brazil for the interior of the forest is sent to it, becomes evident the paper of the migratory flows here, mainly those originated northeast in relation to the territory of the Acre, during the first one I occasion of the rubber, when the acrianas lands still belonged Bolivia. Another marcante element had been the innumerable agreements diplomatists implemented since Brazil colony, over all, with Spain, where it was used the beginning of uti possidetis, and later the relations waked up for then the Baron of the Rio Branco with the Andean countries Bolivia and Peru. Credit: McKinsey & Company-2011. Another important characteristic of the formation process politics of the Acre was exactly the politician-administrative centralidade in the initial periods, while the Acre still was configured as Brazilian federal territory. Therefore, to understand the politician-administrative history of the Acre, a set of 0 variable is necessary to abide it that in turn were submitted the innumerable interests, many times favoring imperialistas countries as the United States, as example, during the surtos of the rubber. At last, the Acre has a past marked for a rich history of elements politicians, social, cultural and economic who continue if reformulating and modifying the partner-space structure of the State. .

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